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Who's behind Friendlyhost, the products and the services we offer

We want to ensure what we offer is always friendly!

Our overall goal is to build on our range of high quality products and services that don't require upfront costs - just an extremely affordable monthly fee that you can cancel at anytime!

We can also offer a full custom web and app development service, we are all professionals who have a vast experience in building websites and online management tools!

For managed hosting that's fast and secure. We take care of all site security updates for you. This is a premium managed hosting product, at very competitive rates.

About our friendly leader . . .

Dave lived on the Northshore, Auckland for most of his life and is now based in Te Puke, Western BOP.

He has been in the internet industry since it's inception, during this time he has progressed from working at an internet service provider (which used to run modems and ISDN connections to provide internet to households) to starting one of Auckland's largest web development and hosting companies, which he sold in 2014.

Over the years Dave has been a full stack developer, designing and building a variety of websites, complex back-end online tools, apps and contracting as a Google Analytics specialist and data analyst to some of the large health websites in the USA.

He has always had involvement and experience in managing Linux servers, so started Friendlyhost to offer a support network for those people and companies who needed not only hosting, but also someone who they know and trust can offer real expertise and advice in all areas of their online space.

Dave tries to remove all of the technical aspects of being online that our customers face, to keep the conversations simple and understandable - to make it easy and friendly.

Talk to any of our customers and they will speak to the level of support and customer service we offer. Dave is a huge believer that any successful business is based on personal relationships, going out of your way to ensure that each of your clients feel like they are your number one client (as each of them are).

Still not convinced? Please get in contact and we can put you in touch with some of our clients - so you can speak with real people!


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